Fund Raising

God always provides! He has, He does and He will!

Food 4 Families has been believing for a trailer for the MOBILE PANTRY. Around $14,000 needs to be raised and it was asked we do not do a ‘fund raiser’. We have never done fund raising and we decided to try something fun.

50/50 Drawings are a fun way to raise funds and bring some ‘incentive’ for many to give. We have decided to TRY this and see how it goes. Our plans are…

  1. Sell tickets for two drawings so there are opportunities for everyone to get involved. We are currently doing a $10 and $25 per ticket drawing.
  2. We will sell tickets and draw the 50/50 for up to 100 tickets. If we only sell 70 tickets, the drawing will be for the amount of 35 tickets.
  3. We are making tickets available through several outlets through the community, @Dale’s, or by simply texting ‘Ticket’ to 937-400-1767.
  4. Drawings will happen on the 1st and 15th of each month, at 1:00 pm.
  5. The ticket numbers will be posted on the website and the ticket winner will be notified by phone call from the back of the ticket.
  6. Once the winner is verified, the winner’s name will be posted on the website DRAWING page.

We will try this and see what happens. We just want to engage people and want them to have fun! Blessings – Troy

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